You Belong – Kanon and Daigo

Hello everyone! Just thought I’d share with you some pieces I’ve been writing for our upcoming game “You Belong” Hope you like it!


Everyone is worth talking to… it all depends on whether you choose to listen.

“You Belong.” is a visual novel crossed with a 2D side scroller.

Create your character and explore the fictional town of Asatsuyu! Meet the townspeople and learn more about their lives.

Asatsuyu is no ordinary town, there’s something strange and maybe even magical in the air , especially when the moon comes out!

(Daigo) Episode One – The Beginning


After serving as a witness to Daigo’s innocence, you find yourself walking back to the market with him; it’s really awkward.


I wonder why the police are always watching him. I hear rumours about him being bad and I barely see him turn up to class… but I’ve never heard about him doing something specifically bad.


Daigo: You know, you don’t have to walk three steps behind me…


The way his eyebrow furrows like that…. He’s going to get wrinkles early if he doesn’t l    earn to stop glaring like that…


You take three steps forward. You are now walking next to Daigo. If people were to see you two together, they might think you were up to no good. But do you really think that?


Daigo: I know who the police were looking for by the way…

>”Does that mean you were actually involved?”

Daigo: It’s exactly for that way of thinking that I stayed silent… If I did tell them who it was, then that gives them more reason to associate me with that crowd.

    >”Oh really…?”

Daigo: Don’t believe me huh? Is that why you’ve been greeting me every morning? You want to prove to yourself that I’m not as bad as they say?


You sense that Daigo isn’t used to having others try to help him.


    Daigo: Sorry… I didn’t mean to come off like a dick… I know you did help me back

there. So I ought to thank you.


You ate at the ramen shop and Daigo paid for everything.

    Daigo: You know. I can’t remember the last time I hung out with someone like that. I-If



Daigo’s face has just turned beet red!


    Daigo: I wouldn’t mind hanging out again… if that’s alright…


He definitely doesn’t live up to his reputation of being a badass.


    Daigo: –F-forget it. I’m just being stupid… Goodnight


>”I had a lot of fun too!”

Daigo: O-Oh! T-Then that’s good.


Could he be any more awkward? He was so confident during dinner.

        >”Next time, I’ll treat you!”

Daigo: H-Hey! I just treated you as a reward! We’re even now, okay! But I wouldn’t mind hanging out again!


Could he be any more awkward? He was so confident during dinner.


Daigo waves goodbye to you and with that, you feel like you’ve just made a new friend.


(Daigo) Episode Two – The Past


Daigo invited you over to his place and now you’re at the door of Ikezawa Designs waiting for his mum to open up shop.

Suddenly, Daigo opens a door from the side.


    Daigo: Over here!


Daigo’s room is narrow, yet long. His desk is covered in all sorts of fabric samples and the mannequin in the corner shows he’s currently working on a new project.


I always wondered why he always had the dark circles under his eyes. Does he stay up late at night making new outfits?


Daigo: Oh. You’re looking at that new dress, huh? What do you think?



>”I-I think it suits you?”


Daigo flushes red.

Daigo: W-What?! It’s not for me, you idiot! It’s for Ninomiya Kanon!


Ninomiya Kanon? As in, the student council leader in my class???

        >”Isn’t it a bit too small for you?”

Daigo flushes red.

Daigo: W-What?! It’s not for me, you idiot! It’s for Ninomiya Kanon!


Ninomiya Kanon? As in, the student council leader in my class???


Daigo looks like he accidentally revealed something he didn’t mean to say.


    Daigo: Shit. I’ve gone and done it now…


Daigo: Alright I’ll let you in on a secret but you can’t tell anyone, you got that?!


Daigo: Kanon and I grew up together in Tokyo. Ever since I could remember, she used to be bullied for being unattractive. I couldn’t see what the girls were saying but all I knew…


Daigo seems to be turning red again.


Daigo: All I knew is that whenever I’d see her wear something I made for her, she looked so beautiful! To have someone wear the clothes I made is one thing! But to have them feel beautiful and confident because of it! I knew that I had found my passion!

Wow, who knew Daigo was so sentimental. Could it be that he’s in love with her?


    Daigo: But eventually…


It looks like Daigo remembered something he didn’t want to.


    Daigo: Eventually we had to move from Tokyo when the bullying got out of hand…


Daigo sighs and opens the drawer to show you a picture of the two of them. Kanon has jet black hair cut into a bob. Her skin is slightly tanned with freckles.


    Daigo: I don’t even know why I’m showing you all this… but this is the Kanon I know…


Daigo: On our first day here, she asked me to help reinvent herself. She wanted to be someone she wasn’t… Someone who wasn’t the girl who would get picked on for her freckles.


Daigo: As you can see… we both went blond and never went back…


At least Daigo doesn’t fully take his hair too seriously. It’s kind of cute.



>”Are you two still close?”


Daigo pauses for a moment.

Daigo: Well… I mean, she’s got her own friends and that makes me happy. She’s still so happy whenever she gets clothes from me and even proudly wears it on her social media accounts… but I’m not gonna lie… I think part of her is starting to miss the old days when it was just us… Last we spoke, she brought up a lot about the past when usually she’d talk about her current life.


            >”What about  you? Do you want to return?”

Daigo: I did… but these past few months you and I have been talking… For once, I feel… I feel happy y’know? I look forward to your messages every time I look at my phone, I feel like we understand each other….


Daigo: God, I get so caught up in what I’m trying to say! Listen, what I’m trying to say is… I think I love you…


Daigo looks pained after admitting that.


Daigo: A-Actually… do you think you could go for now? Sorry… I kinda just–


I don’t know how to fix this… I think Daigo feels like he’s betraying Kanon. I guess I better try and sort things out myself too…


You embrace Daigo to comfort him and reassure him that you are always there for him.


    Daigo: Thanks, I knew you’d understand… I’ll be alright, don’t worry!


(Kanon) Episode One – The Beginning


After Kanon and you finished handing out all the flyers for the Market, you find yourself walking back home together.


Kanon seems kind of distracted. This isn’t like her.


You ask her if she’s alright.


Kanon: O-Oh, I’m fine.


Kanon: Well actually… something has been weighing on my mind…


    Kanon: Ever feel like you’re just an NPC in this world? Like, you aren’t even worthy of

being the protagonist in your own story.


Didn’t think Kanon was the type of like video games.


Kanon: Lately I feel like people have been depending on me but not really getting to

know much about me… does that seem kind of selfish… ?


>”We all want to be understood.”

Kanon: Call me childish but I actually try to blow people’s expectations out  of the water. I just don’t wanna be boxed in as a nerd or a bimbo, you feel me?


>”I think we all deserve people who understand our struggles”


Kanon: Right?! Like, I feel like people at school know me as the class president who tries a bit too hard but on the internet, I’m someone who sets trends. But they either see me one way or the other.


Kanon: You know, you’re actually pretty good at listening.


Kanon: Say, I got paid extra this week so you wanna hit up the arcade and I’ll shout you

dinner for helping me! What do you say?


You take Kanon up on her offer. We talk about my past over dinner.


    Kanon: Wow, I haven’t had a conversation this engaging since… Well, I just haven’t had

one in a while.


Kanon: You’re actually pretty fun to be with. We should hang out again sometime!


(Kanon) Episode Two – The Past


After falling down the ditch during the school trip, you try to comfort Kanon who hurt her leg.


Kanon: You know, this really reminds me of my time in Tokyo…


Kanon: Oh, I know I never speak highly of my past life but I’ll let you in on a secret…


    Kanon: You know Ikezawa Daigo from our class? We actually grew up together in

Tokyo. We were always there for each other since we were both outcasts.


Kanon has a warm smile on her face while talking about Daigo.


Kanon: We would always bounce off each other. I remember he made me a lot of little accessories to make me feel pretty. I think the fact I didn’t judge him for being an effeminate boy brought out the  best in our friendship. I mean really, does it matter whether he’s a boy or not? Actions speak louder than genitals.


I don’t think that’s how the quote goes…


Time passes and eventually you two are found by the teachers.


The day ends and you two are about to part ways.


    Kanon: I don’t know how to say this but… I think I’m starting to develop feelings for you.


She sounded like she knew exactly what to say.


Kanon: I hope you don’t take this the wrong way though but, I still struggle with my past and there are times where I think about Daigo and the way we’ve grown apart. Whether you feel the same way or not, I need time to sort out my feelings… I hope you understand…


The two of you parted on an awkward note.

(Kanon and Daigo) Epilogue – The Ferris Wheel


After inviting the two to see the fireworks together. The three of you decide to get a better view of them from the Ferris Wheel.


Kanon: You know, I’m not that comfortable with heights…


Daigo: Do you need one of us to hold your hand?


    Kanon: I said I was uncomfortable not that I was scared. There’s a difference.


The dynamic between the two of them. You can tell they’ve known each other for years.


The three of you hop in. As expected, Kanon held on to you and Daigo.


Daigo: Didn’t think I’d ever come back to Tokyo to be honest…


Kanon: Neither… but I’m glad I came with you two…


There’s a silence in the air. You all want to say what you’re thinking but you are all too afraid to admit it.


    Daigo: This has been a really wild year… I never thought I’d be able to be happy



Kanon: I never thought I’d be able to come to terms with the past… and you know what?


Daigo: We owe it all to you…


The two turn to you, both grabbing a hand each.


    Kanon: Because of you, I don’t feel the need to seek others’ approval. I was worried

about having to choose between the people I love…


Daigo: Because of you, I learned to trust my heart more.


Kanon: I don’t care if people call me names… I can’t choose between the two of you… I

love you both equally…


Kanon and Daigo are beginning to tear up.


>”I love you both too.”


Kanon and Daigo both return your feelings with a loving embrace.


    The moon sure is beautiful tonight… Sharing it with the people I love … there’s no greater feeling than this… I truly feel like I belong.


On sleepless nights, under moonlit sky, home never feels far







World Builders – Post Mortem

World Builders was certainly a fun project but I was met with both positives and negatives.


  • I had a very strong idea. Always having an idea that I’m passionate about developing really made the pre-production phase extremely fun. I found myself doing it for fun at times and I was able to draw characters and explore things that I would not normally draw. I can repeat this by just trying new things and taking extra time to think of ideas that might pique my interest.
  • I found that my results were very consistent and I managed to find a specific look and reproduce it. I can repeat this in the future by taking a bit longer during the reference gathering phase.
  • I found that I really enjoyed using after effects and making parallaxes. What surprised me in all honesty was that I’ve always used it but only for very minimal things like animatics. I hope that in the future I get to experiment more with After Effects.


  • For my final deliverable, I failed to deliver what I initially wanted due to scope problems and having to learn new software and all in all, just underestimating the amount of work that it took to learn 3 new pieces of software. In the end, I didn’t even get to create it in Unity like planned but rather After Effects. I think I need to play to my strengths a bit more and save the research for things like specialisation.
  • I found myself getting way too burned out from sessions, towards the end of production, I was starting to feel fatigued and drained. I think I can prevent this in the future by simply just taking more breaks and sleeping more.
  • I felt that I put too much priority on other tasks like cross discipline  and final project to the point that this project got neglected for at least a week. This really impacted the final deliverable. I think that perhaps in the future I could make a chart, listing priority tasks and pending deadlines.

Hypothetically, if this project was a large scale production, I would have to put more emphasis on the reference phase. It would potentially be a big problem if team members weren’t on the same wavelength in terms of vision.

Biggest and most crucial role would perhaps be with the concept artists or with the animators. The handover between the two would prove difficult because animators and modellers try to be efficient with their animations, there would have to be a lot of back and forth exchanges between the two before final designs would be decided upon. On top of that, a leader who can keep everyone on task by the deadline.

From this project, I have learned to take more time during reference and concepting because this entire time, I’ve been a bit stingy with concepts that my final deliverables have lacked direction.

Studio 3 Week 1

Upon hearing that this studio will now cater to those in final project, I am OVER THE MOON. I cannot express how much of a relief this is that I can work on my project that I’ve been planning on since two trimesters ago.

What I’ve made this week

-Basically a lot of documentation and the gathering of references that have also included ones I have saved over the holidays

I’ve done a few initial concepts to kind of give my ideas a bit of life but none of them have really given me too much success. I think I need to look over my references more.

Concept of how the animations on the train will work


Concept of a possible NPC Miko (Shrine Priestess)
I’m trying to look for methods to shift too much focus from these background npcs by giving them slightly less detail, especially in the faces.


Concept art for logo and title

I plan to give this to my graphic designer to create something of similar feel, only more professional. I think it captured the feeling I liked.sdadsas.png

Perspective Mockup

This was disappointing to me, probably because it was a very short mockup but I’ll move on from it.week one stargazing with friends.png

Concept of the Moonlight Phase

I wanted to show the whole “Bonding with friends” aspect of the game by also showcasing the moon.

Background Audio (My first time voice acting in a studio)

At the request of my Audio Team Members, I had to book a studio ASAP to record my voice for the background sounds that will possibly go into the Cinematic Shot for world builders. It’s a weather forecast that I wrote (Looks like my previous degree was useful after all), and voiced in Japanese. It was a whole lot of fun.


What I learned.

-I learned a lot about the process of reference gathering
-I learned about other disciplines I had never worked with before

Useful Links

I thankfully found this site that makes model Japanese stores which I feel will be extremely useful in my search for reference.

I will hopefully be able to use this link for my specialization this trimester which is creating stylized cartoon shaders for Unity.


Cross Discipline Postmortem

Over the course of this trimester, I have taken on multiple requests and jobs from people. Some of them are small jobs and some of them are large projects.

Dark Horse Productions

Earlier in the trimester, I received an offer from a film group to do an an animated logo, and a logo and banner for their team “dark horse productions”

darkhorse productions.png
Rest of the deliverables here

What went well? 

Initially, the team and I were working quite well. They gave me creative freedom to do anything in a style I wanted. So when I presented them with this horse head which was received well.

What didn’t go well?

Though this project started off quite well, it slowly spiraled downwards the moment the Facebook banner was created. Basically, the creation of the banner based off of their place holder wasn’t agreed upon the team mates and the director so I was asked to start again.

I was then asked again to create the banner from scratch but this time, using the horse in an Andy Warhol Style mass print, using the “Campbell’s soup” font. I did as asked but was then asked to not use a particular colour. Then from there, I recreated each horse iteration without the shade they wanted.  But then I was asked to change the font to a different one. During this, there were sometimes hour long intervals between each bit of feedback.

While the font worked, they requested it in multiple different colours before deciding on plain black. But due to the fact that the ink from the background was also black, I was asked to hide most of my work anyway.

Then a few days later, I asked asked to make multiple more changes as well as changes to the icon. They said I didn’t need to aniamte the logo either because they got another graphic designer.

What could I have done differently

I feel that I needed to request more specifics about what was exactly wanted and needed. I also felt that I should have also shown more confidence in order for the clients to trust my instinct. I also should have made a contract and been very clear about what work was expected of me.

What did you learn about the workflow?

I learned that aesthetic is a very important part of how people will perceive work. For example, due to the fact my work wasn’t what was wanted by the end, they found a designer who fit their aesthetic way more in regards to their final presentable.

Studio 2 Games (Team Black, Team Magenta)

Nesting Instinct:
Apartment 07:


For Studio 2 games, I worked on team Magenta for the game “Nesting instinct” and I also created the poster and menu for team Black for the game “Apartment 07”

For Team Magenta, I was assisted by one other animator by who created the mesh for a first person rig and some base trees. Although, I was asked to make the changes to these assets when given critiques.


  • Initial trees and hands created by teammate

The hands at first were given negative reception due to them  being too high poly and the tree shapes were not ideal for the climbing mechanics so I was asked to change them.

I also had to take on the role of rigging, skinning and hand painting all the assets and also creating them as prefabs in the project.

I was also asked to give the hands wings to display the flying animation.

I was tasked with creating the animations for the following:

  • Idle
  • Takeoff
  • Flight
  • Climb
  • Land


I also created the acorns and proposed the texture style due to the fact the art bible was very vague in terms of style and the fact that the team was receiving negative feedback on lack of details.


I also created the texture for the skydome.

After remeshing the tree shapes, I used a proboolean tool to shape out the nest. After getting the green light, I proceeded to unwrap and texture.

Due to the fact that the arms were so difficult to rig, the squirrel was no where near as hard by comparison. The required animations for the squirrel were:

  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Idle

What went well and why?

Due to being on the same team as my partner/roomate, help was easily accessible. I am also very pleased with how the textures turned out and considering that last trimester, rigging for me was very difficult, I felt that I have improved because of this project.

What didn’t go well and why?

Despite the fact help was easily accessible, the rest of the team didn’t have very good communication. Due to this, the art bible wasn’t very specific on the exact style they wanted.

Also there were problems with team members changing animations and changing my models which caused the scorn of their facilitator.

What should I do in the future to improve?

Though I detached myself from my work which helped me take criticism a little more, I felt that I needed to find motivation in a way that doesn’t involve letting my emotions take over. Perhaps motivated to learn rather than see results.

I also think a better art bible or a more detailed art bible would really help as well as communication.

What did I learn from the other discipline’s pipeline? 

I learned that animations can be very finicky so animation and character animation is usually tackled first, even with basic primitives.

I also learned to understand the roles associated with a games animator, that it isn’t restricted to making models but rather, also bringing them into the unity view-port and setting up and testing the textures.

Postmortem Specialization

Link to previously created sculpts

What went well in the project, and why?

During this project, i felt that despite having so many things inhibit my progress, I managed to pull through. I now have a good understanding of sculpting and facial anatomy even more now.

During the project, I felt like there was nothing really that limiting other than my personal issues. Z-brush was fairly straight forward to understand and there were no problems what so ever. I feel that I have also increased in speed for my sculpts.

Polypaint was probably my most successful part of this project. I felt that my painting skills helped quite a bit. I owe it all to my first Polypaint attempt.


Initially I planned to just do simple colours but when I realized how much difference polypaint could make,  I went a whole lot further with it and decided to texture in things like freckles and blush.

What didn’t go well, and why?

Due to my limited time during Cross Discipline, I felt that it took away from my time for specialization. I would have loved to have had multiple final sculpts for my showcase but I lost way too much time.

Also with some of the sculpts, I ran into the trouble of having random holes in the sculpt from too much reckless sculpting so I suffered a bit of a quality drop from that. Also when it came to hair, I struggled a little with creating the perfect flow and at times the hair looked stiff as if there was too much product in it. It was fine at the front but at the back it was really noticeable in my opinion.


What would you do differently next time?

I would definitely love to give myself time to hone my skills a lot better. I also feel like because I was learning the program from scratch, that I didn’t focus on polishing just one skill but rather learning an assortment of tools.

Next time, I’ll give myself a lot more time, a lot more research but a lot more results.

What you learned during the project?

I have learned how to build from primitives, paint over sculpts, refine shapes to create things like noses and mouths and eyes.

I also learned how to use quite a few materials with the poly paint. Like for instance, it’s very subtle but I changed the material of the eyes to toy plastic to add a reflection in it.

I’ve improved a lot on anatomy but I feel that the biggest thing i’ve improved is my knowledge of hair and how it flows and how it’s mostly broken up into separate parts.

I also learned how to make time lapses but sadly, it’s limited to a single sitting but from that, I learned how to render turnarounds.

Future goals for skill development?

Over the holidays, I plan to create a more variety of characters and hairstyles and just take time to get more used to the program. I have a friend that is interested in commissioning me to create some characters for her so I’d be interested to try my luck at that.

Specialization Research

So, for specialization, I decided to focus on 3D sculpting in Z-brush because from what I heard, there were a lot of companies such as “Riot Games”, responsible for the creation of the popular MOBA League of Legends, who were using Z-brush for character modeling.

It was relevant to my interests because due to the fact I focused on character creation last trimester, I realized that sculpting was almost essential if I wanted to have a future in the game industry as a character modeler.

With my current knowledge from the model I made last trimester, I noticed a few things I wanted to improve on that Z-brush could potentially help me fix.

Pictured above, is my character model from last trimester.

Working with planes and building a face by adding square after square in my honest opinion, felt a bit frustrating and often resulted in poor topology and protruding areas where I was unable to smooth out. On top of this, adding too much detail into things like the lips and nose for me added too much difficulty which required more time that I did not have.

So with with the discovery of Z-Brush, I realized with the  way the pipeline worked, I could create a high poly mesh and then retopologize it afterwards.

Pipeline of Character Sculpting

-Concept Art
-Blockout Anatomy/ Adding primitives
-Clean up
-Adding Asymetry

This is a pipeline I took from a live demonstration of Riot Games’ art team where they focused on sculpting.

First Sculpt and Polypaint

I wanted to start with something easy at first. So I thought to myself, what would be a simplistic yet fun thing to make from reference. I initially went to studio ghibli for their spirit designs but then I thought of the character “Madara” from the Japanese Animated TV series and Comic, “Natsume Yuujinchou”.

Tags: Anime, Koitsuuu, Natsume Yuujinchou, Nyanko-sensei, Fanart, Pixiv

Made primarily of round shapes, I took this as an opportunity to learn how to build using primitive objects and melding them together with Dynamesh and then learning how to use Polypaint after finishing the sculpt.

I found a tutorial for building sculpts using primitive shapes and using dynamesh to bring them together.

So with this sculpt, I built the base of Madara using three spheres, one for the head, one for the body and one for the tail and one cylinder for the neckpiece.


So from this, I learned the importance of Dynamesh and its uses. Basically, it creates a very highly subdivided version of the mesh so that the mesh can act essentially like clay in the way it forms. It also melds shapes together if they are on the same layer but built with different primitives.

425542254.png Using the “move” tool, I extruded parts for the arms as well as pushed back the head sphere to give it the same shape as the reference.

Since the style is anime and unshaded, rather than creating a physical sculpt for the face, I took the opportunity to learn how to use poly paint.

This tutorial helped me learn the very basics of Polypaint. The very basics of this taught me the value of having a subdivided mesh for painting. Having a mesh be too low poly resulted in a lot of pixelation. Also, Symmetry is by far my favourite thing about Z-brush. The fact that everything is perfectly calculated is so handy.


So this for me was a success and for the fact I have never done a sculpt before, I enjoyed the entire process.

Hair Sculpting

From the very start, I knew that hair was a complex thing so I wanted to make sure that I got started very early.

For my initial research I researched how to create hair strands using the curve strap hair. My first attempt was… interesting to say the least.

75475475.pngI didn’t necessarily enjoy the process because I found it way too hard to make. with individual strands.

I studied the way this sculpt was made by slowing down the video and what I noticed was that the individual strands were meant to be there as more of an accessory to a kind of base shape.


My second attempt was a lot better but I realized that if I wanted to make a good shape was to understand the way hair flowed a lot more.

I studied this video and saw that the very start covered how to understand hair in different parts like fringe, side bangs, back hair etc. So when attempting my third hair piece, I took shape into consideration as well as hair volume.

Image result for queenie goldstein

I was searching the internet for a hair I could attempt to recreate since I originally didn’t have much of a basis of what to create, I felt like it worked so much better. I used Queenie from Fantastic Beasts as my reference for hair shape since it had a lot of volume and structure.


I then used Dynamesh to bring things together and though I wasn’t quite satisfied with the result, I had made a decent enough amount of progress and mistakes to say I can make something somewhat passable looking.

Facial Features


I used this as a way to experiment with creating a consistent level of hardness for the dam standard brush.


After talking to my classmate who had experience in sculpting, I learned about the “dam Standard Brush” and “Clay Buildup” and “Inflate Tool” from her. So then I sought out some information about the tools and to my surprise, I found an exact video covering all three of the tools to create a mouth.

So after studying this, tutorial I managed to get a better understanding of the tools and in only a short time i was able to produce something that I was all around impressed with.


The creation of the nose mostly came from looking at my own face in the mirror but I used this video to learn a few tips, specifically the more about the blocked shapes and the area between the nose a lips that cause the indentation.


This was the result of experimenting with all the tools I learned and I’m going ahead to using what I’ve learned to create my final sculpt.


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Week 13 – Last Chance!

Frantically trying to finish up this sculpt, I’ve been set back by hair but I ended up getting it in the end.

Firstly, to get a better view of my sculpt I was working with polypaint.

I wanted to put the basic flat colours down before doing any more work.

I then learned how to block out eyes and pupils by using the mask selection and how to create freckles using the placement drag option.

I finally then ended up blocking in the brows.

I combined my technique I learned by using the individual strands of hair and dynameshing them together and I think I achieved quite a fine result!

This was the result of my hard work!

What I learned

This entire pipeline was a good way to see how the poly paint works in zbrush also there’s a useful tip in there about simulating skin by adding red undertones to the light.

This was useful for helping me get the overall shape flowing a whole lot better.

Though this isn’t a tutorial, it’s a very good example of the curve tool in action.

I revised this tutorial again and was successful this time!

Finally, the way I was able to make the turntable in Zbrush.

I’m glad most of this trimester is over and though I struggled a lot in the middle, I felt like I learned quite a bit!

Spec: 15

Week 12

The true final crunch. My grandmother’s condition has become critical because she now has to go into surgery. I am very scared that she isn’t going to make it this time but I’ve fought so hard that I’ll have to put my feelings on hold for now.

This week has consisted of just me pumping out all the assets for Team Black and finishing my specialization sculpt.

Team Black

At this point, I’ve felt like I’ve sacrificed way too much of my time on this project and having to hand paint every texture and take on most of the work has left me exhausted.

The squirrel is rigged and skinned. Thankfully, this was way easier compared to the hands so thankfully, it didn’t take very long.

I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed texturing this squirrel because it had a lot more character than nature related things.

At the request of my team members, I painted in the lighting to help emphasize the warm shades of the nest since that was the main intention of the home project anyway.

I also created the default trees and textured them using a similar palette to the main trees.

I fixed the skydome and created my own scene since the games lighting is too dark to show off my textures.

and of course I couldn’t resist having a little bit of fun.

Created this butterfly quickly for another game team but it didn’t take that long.

For specialization, I created the hair and eyes and fixed up a little bit of the shape.

What I learned

This method was very useful for creating the shape and I feel like I levelled up with my hair game! It’s a lot more shapely now thanks to this.

Spec: 24
Cross: 8

Week 11

It’s entering crunch week. I’m stressing to the max and my grandmother has just been hospitalized… I’m trying my hardest to pull out as many assets as I can for team magenta while trying to focus on specialization.

I’ve even resulted in using my laptop at the hospital. I am determined to pass studio!


For team magenta, I made the texture for their acorns.

and for a last minute job, I ended up making the menu and promotional poster for Team Black’s game, Apartment 07.


My other team member for team magenta, gave me some squirrel hands for the fps model but they were received poorly by the team, so I had to go back and make some edits. Their problem was that it was too realistic and too high poly.

As you can see, turbo smooth really messed up the shape of the nails. Also on top of that, my team member didn’t realize that she was in charge of creating the wings and rigging the animation so I ended up having to take on that responsibility.

So, I removed the turbo smooth modifier and fixed the shape to look more like squirrel hands and manually unwrapped them.

This was the end result of me creating the wings and unwrapping the hands.

After texturing it, I hand painted the rest of the fur.

It was then up to me, to skin and rig it.

It was a long process because I hadn’t had much experience with rigging before and animation was always my weakest point in this course but I had no choice but to pull through.

On my specialization, I started from scratch again and decided to try sculpting towards making a final sculpt for the exhibition.


I’m very satisfied with the results. Even I surprised myself with how I was able to create a more pretty face than I ever have!


I received some trees from my teammate and presented the idea to the group for discussions about the shape. And they told me they wanted a different shape to the one presented.

So I presented them with this for the nest tree and after getting the green-light, I hand-painted the textures.

All in all, I’m proud of myself this week for pushing through. I wish I had this much motivation a few weeks back but even with my grandmother being hospitalized, I made sure to keep on pushing.

What i learned

For the trees especially, I was so unsure of how to unwrap the trunks but this tutorial helped me understand.

For creating the hole in the trunk, I used Pro Boolean to get the exact shape I wanted for the nest. I remember using it back in trimester 1 but was still very unsure of how it worked. Now I completely understand after having a lot more experience.

This has always been my go to for learning how to rig. Before, I didn’t know what it was to select vertices but when rigging the wings, it made it so much easier to skin.

Though it was a Blender tutorial, I understood more of how the rig worked and camera would. This was really eye opening for me.

Spec: 20
Cross Disc: 37

Week 10

Week 10 done. After catching up with CIU, I made sure to put in extra work this week.

So for team Magenta, made a squirrel model as well as an acorn.



I also painted a texture for their skydome.


but for some reason it isn’t turning up in unity


So I’m currently trying to get to the bottom of this.

For my specialization, I’ve started following some tutorials on making facial features. I was surprised at how well I was able to do the lips and the nose which are typically the things that give me the most grief in both 3DS max and even regular painting.


I also discovered the dam standard brush from a friend so I decided to check it out online. It was very useful especially when creating the hole for the lips!


And just a little bit extra, I decided to do a quick personal project since it’s been on my mind for so long.

Soul of purity and light jack2.jpg

I wanted to get quicker at painting so I decided to paint this parody of “soul of purity and light” from Yugioh using a picture of my friend and I on Halloween last year. It seems to have helped motivate me to get more work done.

comparison soul of purity and light.png

What I learned

This is the dam standard brush and don’t let the dislikes fool you, It’s just down-voted for its simplicity but I’m really glad i discovered this tool.



I used this tutorial bellow for making the lips and it was so useful to me! The inflat tool made a big difference.

For the nose, I was mainly just looking at references and eyeballing it. It was a lot more time consuming but I think I achieved a good result.

Personal: 10
Cross Disc: 15
Spec: 5