You Belong – Kanon and Daigo

Hello everyone! Just thought I’d share with you some pieces I’ve been writing for our upcoming game “You Belong” Hope you like it!


Everyone is worth talking to… it all depends on whether you choose to listen.

“You Belong.” is a visual novel crossed with a 2D side scroller.

Create your character and explore the fictional town of Asatsuyu! Meet the townspeople and learn more about their lives.

Asatsuyu is no ordinary town, there’s something strange and maybe even magical in the air , especially when the moon comes out!

(Daigo) Episode One – The Beginning


After serving as a witness to Daigo’s innocence, you find yourself walking back to the market with him; it’s really awkward.


I wonder why the police are always watching him. I hear rumours about him being bad and I barely see him turn up to class… but I’ve never heard about him doing something specifically bad.


Daigo: You know, you don’t have to walk three steps behind me…


The way his eyebrow furrows like that…. He’s going to get wrinkles early if he doesn’t l    earn to stop glaring like that…


You take three steps forward. You are now walking next to Daigo. If people were to see you two together, they might think you were up to no good. But do you really think that?


Daigo: I know who the police were looking for by the way…

>”Does that mean you were actually involved?”

Daigo: It’s exactly for that way of thinking that I stayed silent… If I did tell them who it was, then that gives them more reason to associate me with that crowd.

    >”Oh really…?”

Daigo: Don’t believe me huh? Is that why you’ve been greeting me every morning? You want to prove to yourself that I’m not as bad as they say?


You sense that Daigo isn’t used to having others try to help him.


    Daigo: Sorry… I didn’t mean to come off like a dick… I know you did help me back

there. So I ought to thank you.


You ate at the ramen shop and Daigo paid for everything.

    Daigo: You know. I can’t remember the last time I hung out with someone like that. I-If



Daigo’s face has just turned beet red!


    Daigo: I wouldn’t mind hanging out again… if that’s alright…


He definitely doesn’t live up to his reputation of being a badass.


    Daigo: –F-forget it. I’m just being stupid… Goodnight


>”I had a lot of fun too!”

Daigo: O-Oh! T-Then that’s good.


Could he be any more awkward? He was so confident during dinner.

        >”Next time, I’ll treat you!”

Daigo: H-Hey! I just treated you as a reward! We’re even now, okay! But I wouldn’t mind hanging out again!


Could he be any more awkward? He was so confident during dinner.


Daigo waves goodbye to you and with that, you feel like you’ve just made a new friend.


(Daigo) Episode Two – The Past


Daigo invited you over to his place and now you’re at the door of Ikezawa Designs waiting for his mum to open up shop.

Suddenly, Daigo opens a door from the side.


    Daigo: Over here!


Daigo’s room is narrow, yet long. His desk is covered in all sorts of fabric samples and the mannequin in the corner shows he’s currently working on a new project.


I always wondered why he always had the dark circles under his eyes. Does he stay up late at night making new outfits?


Daigo: Oh. You’re looking at that new dress, huh? What do you think?



>”I-I think it suits you?”


Daigo flushes red.

Daigo: W-What?! It’s not for me, you idiot! It’s for Ninomiya Kanon!


Ninomiya Kanon? As in, the student council leader in my class???

        >”Isn’t it a bit too small for you?”

Daigo flushes red.

Daigo: W-What?! It’s not for me, you idiot! It’s for Ninomiya Kanon!


Ninomiya Kanon? As in, the student council leader in my class???


Daigo looks like he accidentally revealed something he didn’t mean to say.


    Daigo: Shit. I’ve gone and done it now…


Daigo: Alright I’ll let you in on a secret but you can’t tell anyone, you got that?!


Daigo: Kanon and I grew up together in Tokyo. Ever since I could remember, she used to be bullied for being unattractive. I couldn’t see what the girls were saying but all I knew…


Daigo seems to be turning red again.


Daigo: All I knew is that whenever I’d see her wear something I made for her, she looked so beautiful! To have someone wear the clothes I made is one thing! But to have them feel beautiful and confident because of it! I knew that I had found my passion!

Wow, who knew Daigo was so sentimental. Could it be that he’s in love with her?


    Daigo: But eventually…


It looks like Daigo remembered something he didn’t want to.


    Daigo: Eventually we had to move from Tokyo when the bullying got out of hand…


Daigo sighs and opens the drawer to show you a picture of the two of them. Kanon has jet black hair cut into a bob. Her skin is slightly tanned with freckles.


    Daigo: I don’t even know why I’m showing you all this… but this is the Kanon I know…


Daigo: On our first day here, she asked me to help reinvent herself. She wanted to be someone she wasn’t… Someone who wasn’t the girl who would get picked on for her freckles.


Daigo: As you can see… we both went blond and never went back…


At least Daigo doesn’t fully take his hair too seriously. It’s kind of cute.



>”Are you two still close?”


Daigo pauses for a moment.

Daigo: Well… I mean, she’s got her own friends and that makes me happy. She’s still so happy whenever she gets clothes from me and even proudly wears it on her social media accounts… but I’m not gonna lie… I think part of her is starting to miss the old days when it was just us… Last we spoke, she brought up a lot about the past when usually she’d talk about her current life.


            >”What about  you? Do you want to return?”

Daigo: I did… but these past few months you and I have been talking… For once, I feel… I feel happy y’know? I look forward to your messages every time I look at my phone, I feel like we understand each other….


Daigo: God, I get so caught up in what I’m trying to say! Listen, what I’m trying to say is… I think I love you…


Daigo looks pained after admitting that.


Daigo: A-Actually… do you think you could go for now? Sorry… I kinda just–


I don’t know how to fix this… I think Daigo feels like he’s betraying Kanon. I guess I better try and sort things out myself too…


You embrace Daigo to comfort him and reassure him that you are always there for him.


    Daigo: Thanks, I knew you’d understand… I’ll be alright, don’t worry!


(Kanon) Episode One – The Beginning


After Kanon and you finished handing out all the flyers for the Market, you find yourself walking back home together.


Kanon seems kind of distracted. This isn’t like her.


You ask her if she’s alright.


Kanon: O-Oh, I’m fine.


Kanon: Well actually… something has been weighing on my mind…


    Kanon: Ever feel like you’re just an NPC in this world? Like, you aren’t even worthy of

being the protagonist in your own story.


Didn’t think Kanon was the type of like video games.


Kanon: Lately I feel like people have been depending on me but not really getting to

know much about me… does that seem kind of selfish… ?


>”We all want to be understood.”

Kanon: Call me childish but I actually try to blow people’s expectations out  of the water. I just don’t wanna be boxed in as a nerd or a bimbo, you feel me?


>”I think we all deserve people who understand our struggles”


Kanon: Right?! Like, I feel like people at school know me as the class president who tries a bit too hard but on the internet, I’m someone who sets trends. But they either see me one way or the other.


Kanon: You know, you’re actually pretty good at listening.


Kanon: Say, I got paid extra this week so you wanna hit up the arcade and I’ll shout you

dinner for helping me! What do you say?


You take Kanon up on her offer. We talk about my past over dinner.


    Kanon: Wow, I haven’t had a conversation this engaging since… Well, I just haven’t had

one in a while.


Kanon: You’re actually pretty fun to be with. We should hang out again sometime!


(Kanon) Episode Two – The Past


After falling down the ditch during the school trip, you try to comfort Kanon who hurt her leg.


Kanon: You know, this really reminds me of my time in Tokyo…


Kanon: Oh, I know I never speak highly of my past life but I’ll let you in on a secret…


    Kanon: You know Ikezawa Daigo from our class? We actually grew up together in

Tokyo. We were always there for each other since we were both outcasts.


Kanon has a warm smile on her face while talking about Daigo.


Kanon: We would always bounce off each other. I remember he made me a lot of little accessories to make me feel pretty. I think the fact I didn’t judge him for being an effeminate boy brought out the  best in our friendship. I mean really, does it matter whether he’s a boy or not? Actions speak louder than genitals.


I don’t think that’s how the quote goes…


Time passes and eventually you two are found by the teachers.


The day ends and you two are about to part ways.


    Kanon: I don’t know how to say this but… I think I’m starting to develop feelings for you.


She sounded like she knew exactly what to say.


Kanon: I hope you don’t take this the wrong way though but, I still struggle with my past and there are times where I think about Daigo and the way we’ve grown apart. Whether you feel the same way or not, I need time to sort out my feelings… I hope you understand…


The two of you parted on an awkward note.

(Kanon and Daigo) Epilogue – The Ferris Wheel


After inviting the two to see the fireworks together. The three of you decide to get a better view of them from the Ferris Wheel.


Kanon: You know, I’m not that comfortable with heights…


Daigo: Do you need one of us to hold your hand?


    Kanon: I said I was uncomfortable not that I was scared. There’s a difference.


The dynamic between the two of them. You can tell they’ve known each other for years.


The three of you hop in. As expected, Kanon held on to you and Daigo.


Daigo: Didn’t think I’d ever come back to Tokyo to be honest…


Kanon: Neither… but I’m glad I came with you two…


There’s a silence in the air. You all want to say what you’re thinking but you are all too afraid to admit it.


    Daigo: This has been a really wild year… I never thought I’d be able to be happy



Kanon: I never thought I’d be able to come to terms with the past… and you know what?


Daigo: We owe it all to you…


The two turn to you, both grabbing a hand each.


    Kanon: Because of you, I don’t feel the need to seek others’ approval. I was worried

about having to choose between the people I love…


Daigo: Because of you, I learned to trust my heart more.


Kanon: I don’t care if people call me names… I can’t choose between the two of you… I

love you both equally…


Kanon and Daigo are beginning to tear up.


>”I love you both too.”


Kanon and Daigo both return your feelings with a loving embrace.


    The moon sure is beautiful tonight… Sharing it with the people I love … there’s no greater feeling than this… I truly feel like I belong.


On sleepless nights, under moonlit sky, home never feels far







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