World Builders – Post Mortem

World Builders was certainly a fun project but I was met with both positives and negatives.


  • I had a very strong idea. Always having an idea that I’m passionate about developing really made the pre-production phase extremely fun. I found myself doing it for fun at times and I was able to draw characters and explore things that I would not normally draw. I can repeat this by just trying new things and taking extra time to think of ideas that might pique my interest.
  • I found that my results were very consistent and I managed to find a specific look and reproduce it. I can repeat this in the future by taking a bit longer during the reference gathering phase.
  • I found that I really enjoyed using after effects and making parallaxes. What surprised me in all honesty was that I’ve always used it but only for very minimal things like animatics. I hope that in the future I get to experiment more with After Effects.


  • For my final deliverable, I failed to deliver what I initially wanted due to scope problems and having to learn new software and all in all, just underestimating the amount of work that it took to learn 3 new pieces of software. In the end, I didn’t even get to create it in Unity like planned but rather After Effects. I think I need to play to my strengths a bit more and save the research for things like specialisation.
  • I found myself getting way too burned out from sessions, towards the end of production, I was starting to feel fatigued and drained. I think I can prevent this in the future by simply just taking more breaks and sleeping more.
  • I felt that I put too much priority on other tasks like cross discipline¬† and final project to the point that this project got neglected for at least a week. This really impacted the final deliverable. I think that perhaps in the future I could make a chart, listing priority tasks and pending deadlines.

Hypothetically, if this project was a large scale production, I would have to put more emphasis on the reference phase. It would potentially be a big problem if team members weren’t on the same wavelength in terms of vision.

Biggest and most crucial role would perhaps be with the concept artists or with the animators. The handover between the two would prove difficult because animators and modellers try to be efficient with their animations, there would have to be a lot of back and forth exchanges between the two before final designs would be decided upon. On top of that, a leader who can keep everyone on task by the deadline.

From this project, I have learned to take more time during reference and concepting because this entire time, I’ve been a bit stingy with concepts that my final deliverables have lacked direction.


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