Studio 3 Week 1

Upon hearing that this studio will now cater to those in final project, I am OVER THE MOON. I cannot express how much of a relief this is that I can work on my project that I’ve been planning on since two trimesters ago.

What I’ve made this week

-Basically a lot of documentation and the gathering of references that have also included ones I have saved over the holidays

I’ve done a few initial concepts to kind of give my ideas a bit of life but none of them have really given me too much success. I think I need to look over my references more.

Concept of how the animations on the train will work


Concept of a possible NPC Miko (Shrine Priestess)
I’m trying to look for methods to shift too much focus from these background npcs by giving them slightly less detail, especially in the faces.


Concept art for logo and title

I plan to give this to my graphic designer to create something of similar feel, only more professional. I think it captured the feeling I liked.sdadsas.png

Perspective Mockup

This was disappointing to me, probably because it was a very short mockup but I’ll move on from it.week one stargazing with friends.png

Concept of the Moonlight Phase

I wanted to show the whole “Bonding with friends” aspect of the game by also showcasing the moon.

Background Audio (My first time voice acting in a studio)

At the request of my Audio Team Members, I had to book a studio ASAP to record my voice for the background sounds that will possibly go into the Cinematic Shot for world builders. It’s a weather forecast that I wrote (Looks like my previous degree was useful after all), and voiced in Japanese. It was a whole lot of fun.


What I learned.

-I learned a lot about the process of reference gathering
-I learned about other disciplines I had never worked with before

Useful Links

I thankfully found this site that makes model Japanese stores which I feel will be extremely useful in my search for reference.

I will hopefully be able to use this link for my specialization this trimester which is creating stylized cartoon shaders for Unity.



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