Postmortem Specialization

Link to previously created sculpts

What went well in the project, and why?

During this project, i felt that despite having so many things inhibit my progress, I managed to pull through. I now have a good understanding of sculpting and facial anatomy even more now.

During the project, I felt like there was nothing really that limiting other than my personal issues. Z-brush was fairly straight forward to understand and there were no problems what so ever. I feel that I have also increased in speed for my sculpts.

Polypaint was probably my most successful part of this project. I felt that my painting skills helped quite a bit. I owe it all to my first Polypaint attempt.


Initially I planned to just do simple colours but when I realized how much difference polypaint could make,  I went a whole lot further with it and decided to texture in things like freckles and blush.

What didn’t go well, and why?

Due to my limited time during Cross Discipline, I felt that it took away from my time for specialization. I would have loved to have had multiple final sculpts for my showcase but I lost way too much time.

Also with some of the sculpts, I ran into the trouble of having random holes in the sculpt from too much reckless sculpting so I suffered a bit of a quality drop from that. Also when it came to hair, I struggled a little with creating the perfect flow and at times the hair looked stiff as if there was too much product in it. It was fine at the front but at the back it was really noticeable in my opinion.


What would you do differently next time?

I would definitely love to give myself time to hone my skills a lot better. I also feel like because I was learning the program from scratch, that I didn’t focus on polishing just one skill but rather learning an assortment of tools.

Next time, I’ll give myself a lot more time, a lot more research but a lot more results.

What you learned during the project?

I have learned how to build from primitives, paint over sculpts, refine shapes to create things like noses and mouths and eyes.

I also learned how to use quite a few materials with the poly paint. Like for instance, it’s very subtle but I changed the material of the eyes to toy plastic to add a reflection in it.

I’ve improved a lot on anatomy but I feel that the biggest thing i’ve improved is my knowledge of hair and how it flows and how it’s mostly broken up into separate parts.

I also learned how to make time lapses but sadly, it’s limited to a single sitting but from that, I learned how to render turnarounds.

Future goals for skill development?

Over the holidays, I plan to create a more variety of characters and hairstyles and just take time to get more used to the program. I have a friend that is interested in commissioning me to create some characters for her so I’d be interested to try my luck at that.


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