Cross Discipline Postmortem

Over the course of this trimester, I have taken on multiple requests and jobs from people. Some of them are small jobs and some of them are large projects.

Dark Horse Productions

Earlier in the trimester, I received an offer from a film group to do an an animated logo, and a logo and banner for their team “dark horse productions”

darkhorse productions.png
Rest of the deliverables here

What went well? 

Initially, the team and I were working quite well. They gave me creative freedom to do anything in a style I wanted. So when I presented them with this horse head which was received well.

What didn’t go well?

Though this project started off quite well, it slowly spiraled downwards the moment the Facebook banner was created. Basically, the creation of the banner based off of their place holder wasn’t agreed upon the team mates and the director so I was asked to start again.

I was then asked again to create the banner from scratch but this time, using the horse in an Andy Warhol Style mass print, using the “Campbell’s soup” font. I did as asked but was then asked to not use a particular colour. Then from there, I recreated each horse iteration without the shade they wanted.  But then I was asked to change the font to a different one. During this, there were sometimes hour long intervals between each bit of feedback.

While the font worked, they requested it in multiple different colours before deciding on plain black. But due to the fact that the ink from the background was also black, I was asked to hide most of my work anyway.

Then a few days later, I asked asked to make multiple more changes as well as changes to the icon. They said I didn’t need to aniamte the logo either because they got another graphic designer.

What could I have done differently

I feel that I needed to request more specifics about what was exactly wanted and needed. I also felt that I should have also shown more confidence in order for the clients to trust my instinct. I also should have made a contract and been very clear about what work was expected of me.

What did you learn about the workflow?

I learned that aesthetic is a very important part of how people will perceive work. For example, due to the fact my work wasn’t what was wanted by the end, they found a designer who fit their aesthetic way more in regards to their final presentable.

Studio 2 Games (Team Black, Team Magenta)

Nesting Instinct:
Apartment 07:


For Studio 2 games, I worked on team Magenta for the game “Nesting instinct” and I also created the poster and menu for team Black for the game “Apartment 07”

For Team Magenta, I was assisted by one other animator by who created the mesh for a first person rig and some base trees. Although, I was asked to make the changes to these assets when given critiques.


  • Initial trees and hands created by teammate

The hands at first were given negative reception due to them  being too high poly and the tree shapes were not ideal for the climbing mechanics so I was asked to change them.

I also had to take on the role of rigging, skinning and hand painting all the assets and also creating them as prefabs in the project.

I was also asked to give the hands wings to display the flying animation.

I was tasked with creating the animations for the following:

  • Idle
  • Takeoff
  • Flight
  • Climb
  • Land


I also created the acorns and proposed the texture style due to the fact the art bible was very vague in terms of style and the fact that the team was receiving negative feedback on lack of details.


I also created the texture for the skydome.

After remeshing the tree shapes, I used a proboolean tool to shape out the nest. After getting the green light, I proceeded to unwrap and texture.

Due to the fact that the arms were so difficult to rig, the squirrel was no where near as hard by comparison. The required animations for the squirrel were:

  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Idle

What went well and why?

Due to being on the same team as my partner/roomate, help was easily accessible. I am also very pleased with how the textures turned out and considering that last trimester, rigging for me was very difficult, I felt that I have improved because of this project.

What didn’t go well and why?

Despite the fact help was easily accessible, the rest of the team didn’t have very good communication. Due to this, the art bible wasn’t very specific on the exact style they wanted.

Also there were problems with team members changing animations and changing my models which caused the scorn of their facilitator.

What should I do in the future to improve?

Though I detached myself from my work which helped me take criticism a little more, I felt that I needed to find motivation in a way that doesn’t involve letting my emotions take over. Perhaps motivated to learn rather than see results.

I also think a better art bible or a more detailed art bible would really help as well as communication.

What did I learn from the other discipline’s pipeline? 

I learned that animations can be very finicky so animation and character animation is usually tackled first, even with basic primitives.

I also learned to understand the roles associated with a games animator, that it isn’t restricted to making models but rather, also bringing them into the unity view-port and setting up and testing the textures.


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