Week 13 – Last Chance!

Frantically trying to finish up this sculpt, I’ve been set back by hair but I ended up getting it in the end.

Firstly, to get a better view of my sculpt I was working with polypaint.

I wanted to put the basic flat colours down before doing any more work.

I then learned how to block out eyes and pupils by using the mask selection and how to create freckles using the placement drag option.

I finally then ended up blocking in the brows.

I combined my technique I learned by using the individual strands of hair and dynameshing them together and I think I achieved quite a fine result!

This was the result of my hard work!

What I learned

This entire pipeline was a good way to see how the poly paint works in zbrush also there’s a useful tip in there about simulating skin by adding red undertones to the light.

This was useful for helping me get the overall shape flowing a whole lot better.

Though this isn’t a tutorial, it’s a very good example of the curve tool in action.

I revised this tutorial again and was successful this time!

Finally, the way I was able to make the turntable in Zbrush.

I’m glad most of this trimester is over and though I struggled a lot in the middle, I felt like I learned quite a bit!

Spec: 15


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