Week 12

The true final crunch. My grandmother’s condition has become critical because she now has to go into surgery. I am very scared that she isn’t going to make it this time but I’ve fought so hard that I’ll have to put my feelings on hold for now.

This week has consisted of just me pumping out all the assets for Team Black and finishing my specialization sculpt.

Team Black

At this point, I’ve felt like I’ve sacrificed way too much of my time on this project and having to hand paint every texture and take on most of the work has left me exhausted.

The squirrel is rigged and skinned. Thankfully, this was way easier compared to the hands so thankfully, it didn’t take very long.

I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed texturing this squirrel because it had a lot more character than nature related things.

At the request of my team members, I painted in the lighting to help emphasize the warm shades of the nest since that was the main intention of the home project anyway.

I also created the default trees and textured them using a similar palette to the main trees.

I fixed the skydome and created my own scene since the games lighting is too dark to show off my textures.

and of course I couldn’t resist having a little bit of fun.

Created this butterfly quickly for another game team but it didn’t take that long.

For specialization, I created the hair and eyes and fixed up a little bit of the shape.

What I learned

This method was very useful for creating the shape and I feel like I levelled up with my hair game! It’s a lot more shapely now thanks to this.

Spec: 24
Cross: 8


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