Week 11

It’s entering crunch week. I’m stressing to the max and my grandmother has just been hospitalized… I’m trying my hardest to pull out as many assets as I can for team magenta while trying to focus on specialization.

I’ve even resulted in using my laptop at the hospital. I am determined to pass studio!


For team magenta, I made the texture for their acorns.

and for a last minute job, I ended up making the menu and promotional poster for Team Black’s game, Apartment 07.


My other team member for team magenta, gave me some squirrel hands for the fps model but they were received poorly by the team, so I had to go back and make some edits. Their problem was that it was too realistic and too high poly.

As you can see, turbo smooth really messed up the shape of the nails. Also on top of that, my team member didn’t realize that she was in charge of creating the wings and rigging the animation so I ended up having to take on that responsibility.

So, I removed the turbo smooth modifier and fixed the shape to look more like squirrel hands and manually unwrapped them.

This was the end result of me creating the wings and unwrapping the hands.

After texturing it, I hand painted the rest of the fur.

It was then up to me, to skin and rig it.

It was a long process because I hadn’t had much experience with rigging before and animation was always my weakest point in this course but I had no choice but to pull through.

On my specialization, I started from scratch again and decided to try sculpting towards making a final sculpt for the exhibition.


I’m very satisfied with the results. Even I surprised myself with how I was able to create a more pretty face than I ever have!


I received some trees from my teammate and presented the idea to the group for discussions about the shape. And they told me they wanted a different shape to the one presented.

So I presented them with this for the nest tree and after getting the green-light, I hand-painted the textures.

All in all, I’m proud of myself this week for pushing through. I wish I had this much motivation a few weeks back but even with my grandmother being hospitalized, I made sure to keep on pushing.

What i learned

For the trees especially, I was so unsure of how to unwrap the trunks but this tutorial helped me understand.

For creating the hole in the trunk, I used Pro Boolean to get the exact shape I wanted for the nest. I remember using it back in trimester 1 but was still very unsure of how it worked. Now I completely understand after having a lot more experience.

This has always been my go to for learning how to rig. Before, I didn’t know what it was to select vertices but when rigging the wings, it made it so much easier to skin.

Though it was a Blender tutorial, I understood more of how the rig worked and camera would. This was really eye opening for me.

Spec: 20
Cross Disc: 37


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