Week 10

Week 10 done. After catching up with CIU, I made sure to put in extra work this week.

So for team Magenta, made a squirrel model as well as an acorn.



I also painted a texture for their skydome.


but for some reason it isn’t turning up in unity


So I’m currently trying to get to the bottom of this.

For my specialization, I’ve started following some tutorials on making facial features. I was surprised at how well I was able to do the lips and the nose which are typically the things that give me the most grief in both 3DS max and even regular painting.


I also discovered the dam standard brush from a friend so I decided to check it out online. It was very useful especially when creating the hole for the lips!


And just a little bit extra, I decided to do a quick personal project since it’s been on my mind for so long.

Soul of purity and light jack2.jpg

I wanted to get quicker at painting so I decided to paint this parody of “soul of purity and light” from Yugioh using a picture of my friend and I on Halloween last year. It seems to have helped motivate me to get more work done.

comparison soul of purity and light.png

What I learned

This is the dam standard brush and don’t let the dislikes fool you, It’s just down-voted for its simplicity but I’m really glad i discovered this tool.



I used this tutorial bellow for making the lips and it was so useful to me! The inflat tool made a big difference.

For the nose, I was mainly just looking at references and eyeballing it. It was a lot more time consuming but I think I achieved a good result.

Personal: 10
Cross Disc: 15
Spec: 5


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